Kevin Drew

Kevin was brought up by parents Diane and Lloyd in the Mount Washington Valley and has always loved it here. Kevin started his career with L.A. Drew in 1977 as a summer job and continued until 1985. After completing high school at Kennett, he attended UNH where he earned a degree in Civil Technology. With his degree, he moved back to the valley right away to jump back into the family business his father had created. In 1985 he became a project supervisor, and by 1989 he became Vice President of the building division.

As Vice President of the building division, he takes on a multitude of projects. He accepts both commercial and residential projects. For commercial projects, Kevin and the building crew will complete both buildings from scratch as well as pre engineered steel buildings. On the residential side, he and the crew have been known for creating some of the most beautiful homes in the valley.

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