Founded in 1969 by Lloyd A. Drew in the valley where he was born and raised, our company first built home additions and small homes appropriate to the economy of that time. Today, our portfolio includes commercial/industrial and steel frame construction projects, as well as our residential business that specializes in one-of-a-kind homes.

Working with architects and homeowners, L. A. Drew has built more than 150 unique homes under the watchful gaze of the great mountain itself. Today's clientele consists mainly of empty-nesters coming from cities like Boston and New York. They are part of the northern migration looking for second homes or retirement residences far from the pace and pressures of city life. They select L. A. Drew because of our reputation for delivering solid value through teamwork.

Now, Lloyd's sons, Kevin and Kyler, run the company's day-to-day operations, having been influenced by the building trade "genes" all their lives. Kevin was four years old when his father started the business and remembers drawing his first house at the age of 16 (a design that was actually built). Both brothers attended the University of New Hampshire, majoring in complementary fields. Kevin, Vice President of the Building Division, holds a Civil Technology degree and focuses on residential structures and commercial structures. Kyler, Vice President of the Site and Excavation Division, has a degree in Civil Engineering and focuses on what goes under and around the buildings. "We like to say that Kyler goes from the ground down and I go from the ground up," says Kevin.